Zurich, Switzerland – Clothing

Traditional Clothing

Switzerland’s traditional costumes have been influenced by many different cultures, and yet they remain distinctive. In the 18th century, Switzerland enjoyed a period of wealth that allowed for luxurious, creative embroidery and lace-work. That influence is still seen in traditional Swiss clothing today.


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Women’s clothing is usually based around a garment we know today as the “dirndl,” which includes a full skirt gathered at the waist and a tight-fitting vest or sleeveless top. A white blouse is typically worn under the dress, and the outfit is finished with stockings, buckled black shoes and a headpiece or hat.


For women, the typical Swiss folk costume features a puffy blouse and skirt, a tight vest and a generous use of ribbon or lace.


the traditional Swiss folk costumes for women usually involve beautiful floral embroidery.
This is especially true for “Sunday best” outfits, with flowers imitating the flowers found in Swiss gardens.

Traditional Switzerland Costume Traditional Switzerland Costume

Tights are a popular choice for women and girls, usually in red or white.

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In most regions, gold details indicate a married woman, while single women use silver.


ch2 Lederhosen_in_Texas

For men, the most easily recognized garment is the lederhosen, which are knee-length pants with suspenders, often crafted from leather. Lederhosen provided both mobility and durability while climbing and hiking in mountainous terrain.


Short sleeved shirts


Woolen knee-socks and heavy boots


 A short-brimmed felt hat with trimming


Bachelors have traditionally kept a bright red handkerchief in their pants pockets, although married men do not.




Traditional Swiss clothing for children is typically a miniature version of the garments worn by adults, with the differences in color to reflect the age of the wearer.

Modern Clothing

The Swiss people wear very similar styles as most Europeans and Americans.


Casual-Fashion-Photos FEED-+-Target-Womens-Looks


Dressy-Casual-Clothing-Ideas-for-Men-and-Women-11 French-clothing-men-2




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